The Campaign for Homosexual Equality

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Motions agreed at the 2018 Annual Conference

The following motions were debated and agreed at CHE's Annual Conference, 24 June 2018.

Motion 1: Future of CHE

This Conference, having noted the Executive Committee’s view that the problem of maintaining CHE in its present form is becoming more and more difficult in the light of reduced membership and volunteer effort, agrees that the Executive Committee should explore possible alternative solutions, which may include seeking a form of partnership with another LGBT organisation, and which may also include the transformation of CHE into a grant-awarding trust. In regard to such a trust, the possibility of charitable status, including the option of creating two trusts, one charitable and one not, should be explored.

Proposed by the Executive Committee; words from "and which may also" proposed by Michael Steed, Peter Scott-Presland and Ross Burgess

Emergency motion: Treatment of LGBT asylum seekers

Full text to follow.